Chicken Breyani


Breyani (biryani) remains a popular item on many Indian food menus. This dish features rice with a range of aromatic spices.


It is layered with chicken/meat of your choice and/or vegetables.


Our aromatic Chicken Breyani was prepared with saffron-infused rice, using our Pride of India Breyani Masala, Pride of India Breyani Spice, Pride of India Breyani Mix, Pride of India Egg Yellow Powder, Pride of India Tumeric Powder, Pride of India Onion Flakes, Homestyle Lentils (breyani dhall) & Saffron.


Serves 6-8 people.







1.5 kg chicken, bone-in & cut into pieces

2 cups rice, boiled

2 onions, finely sliced

2 tomatoes, grated/blended

1.5 cups plain yoghurt

2.5 tbsp ginger and garlic paste

4 sprigs fresh mint

5 sprigs fresh coriander

2 sprigs curry leaves

3 green chillies

7 tsp Pride of India Breyani Masala

1.5 tsp Pride of India Breyani Spice

Pride of India Breyani Mix (a little of each spice)

1.5 tsp Pride of India Tumeric Powder

¼ tsp Pride of India Egg Yellow Powder

handful Pride of India Onion Flakes

¾ cup Homestyle Lentils (breyani dhall), boiled

5 potatoes, cleaned and halved

½g Saffron mixed with 8 tbsp of warm water (optional)

¼ cup oil/ghee for frying onions

¼ cup oil for frying potatoes






Marinate your chicken with yoghurt, tomatoes, ginger & garlic, salt, mint, some coriander, curry leaves, green chillies, Pride of India Breyani Masala, Pride of India Breyani Spice and Pride of India Tumeric Powder.  Mix well and set aside for 3-4 hours.


Heat oil/ghee and fry your onions, until golden brown, with our Pride of India Breyani Mix. 


Add your marinated chicken and cook just before tender.  


Mix the potatoes with salt and Pride of India Egg Yellow Powder. Fry in oil until crisp.


Boil your rice with salt.  Strain and set aside.


Boil Homestyle Lentils (breyani dhall) with salt.  Strain and set aside.


Using a large pot, layer your breyani with all these ingredients (little rice at the bottom of the pot, followed by chicken, lentils, roasted potatoes & balance of rice).


Sprinkle the saffron mix (or sprinkle a little Pride of India Egg Yellow Powder if not using saffron).


Sprinkle balance of coriander and Pride of India Onion Flakes.


Pour ¼ cup water over the breyani.


Set oven at 180 degrees and cook breyani for approx. 30 minutes or until chicken is tender.  Add water, if necessary.


Breyani is ready once chicken is tender and the water has dried.


Once ready, plate and serve with raita and salads.


When time is limited and for your convenience, try our ready to use Pride of India Breyani Rice.  It is a blend of different spices, rice and lentils.



Breyani is a versatile dish.  With just a few variations, your breyani dish will still remain the same; full of aromatic flavours with its fragrant spices.

Cooking times will vary depending on the type of chicken used.




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